Tigh-na-Ault, Lochcarron, Ross-shire, IV54 8YQ
Telephone: 01520 722568,
Email:Stuart MacLeod, 07831 091526
Operations Manager Neville Robbins, 07518 372392
Business Development Manager & Sales Gregor Black, 07934 491561

Woodworkz About Us

The founder of Woodworkz, Stuart MacLeod, first started milling timber around the turn of the century, mainly to fulfil local requirements including his own. The difficulty of obtaining furniture grade hardwoods, dried to the appropriate level, was an incentive to develop the processes of extraction, transport, milling and then kiln drying of good timber. Much of it to this day goes to waste as firewood, or left to rot. Firewood is provided in all the separate stages anyway.

It has developed into a very busy operation supplying high quality locally sourced timbers to all of Scotland and beyond, for construction and home building, furniture manufacture, gardening and fencing timbers, boatskin timbers and wood turning blanks.

The construction and home building is mainly beams and strength timbers (cruck frames etc) where air drying is sufficient.

Furniture grade timbers - kiln dried down to aproximately 8% and stored in humidity controlled spaces.

Gardening and fencing timbers - soft woods milled and air dryed Boatskin - mainly larch milled and air dryed.

Turning Blanks: Sometimes green, but often air dryed for long periods or in some cases air dryed.

Associates include :-

Neville Robbins; turner and furniture maker at Invergarry who came to buy timber one day...

John Ward; joiner (especially doors), roofer, tiler and many other acomplishments.

Dave Whittingham; cabinet-maker, joiner. Producing the WoW factor...

  • David Whittingham Spaulted Beech Bathroom 1
  • David Whittingham Spaulted Beech Bathroom 2
  • David Whittingham Spaulted Beech Bathroom 3
  • John Ward "Mr Doors" to you 1
  • John Ward "Mr Doors"2
  • Neville Robbins Ash Burr Bowl
  • Neville Robbins Birch Burr Bowl
  • Neville Robbins Oak Morris Chair