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About Us


Stuart Macleod - Owner

stuart I have always liked woodwork in all its forms from the earliest memories probably influenced by my grandfather who showed me how to sharpen a panel saw when 7 and who made most things in his house. So “tinkering” with timber was normal but it was always in short supply.

Going to sea to learn a profession gave me opportunities to get into significant projects with the leave situation, and then the Offshore Industry with more leave meant the projects got larger!

I made a dining table for some folks locally, from Oak that had been stacked for ages in my borrowed workshop. After two weeks the new owner called to say that there were cracks appearing. After another week he reported that plates were falling down through….

So that started me on the road to finding timber, having it milled and using my new de-humidification kiln which came with  instructions from John Arrowsmith. How then to find boards? Chainsaw mill. Hard work, slow, sawdust/chippings (lots). Bandsaw mill (Lumbermate), crane trailer…. And so the development for a fascination with machinery! JCB Teletruk…trailers, heat-vent kiln, and now a Sauno kiln with it’s “steaming” cycle.

We have now got to the stage of putting the newly renovated Unimog to work to feed the large Timberking mill (2200). Next it is infrastructure to get under cover from the rain and be more efficient. And drier.

The personal development over 16 years of salvaging timber has been immensely interesting but it all boils down to who one has to help and work with and this is particularly important when one has a day-job that drags me away for a month at a time. It is also why I have a 4Com telephone system to keep in touch with on a daily (or 5x a day!) basis. Slicing open a new log to see the grain and liberate the smell is very rewarding but so is seeing the effect it has on others. This vital natural resource must not be wasted.


Neville Robbins - Operations Manager

Nevill's mug shotThis just proves what happens when you come to Woodworkz to buy timber, as I did seven years ago AND It was only a small piece of wood. Now all these years later and I am in charge of the operation of the company.

To cut a long story short... Many years ago I was a marine engineer at sea (okay most marine engineers are at sea). I left the ocean waves to come ashore and start my own company in Air Conditioning, which lasted over 21 years, successfully travelling the length and breadth of the UK. I then saw the light at the end of the tunnel and packed everything up and moved to the Highlands, to run a B and B with my wife for 9 years and also develop my love of Scottish timbers through turning and latterly making furniture.

So now my story has come full circle. Instead of buying wood from Stuart I am now milling it and selling it for him.

Robbie "Tonka Man" Brown - 'Chief Engineer'

Tonka ManI started my training as an engineer in HM Forces (REME), where I served for 9 years. My driving experience includes tracked vehicles - 360 degree excavators and tanks, 20 tonne shovel loading vehicles, roll-on/roll off skip lorries and of-course "Eunice" the mog.

I have an extremely wide and diverse knowledge of machines from a chainsaw up to the 50 litre Rolls Royce engines on the chieftain tank.

Since starting with Woodworkz, some five years ago I have become the Chief engineer in-charge of maintaining and updating all our plant and machinery.