Tigh-na-Ault, Lochcarron, Ross-shire, IV54 8YQ
Telephone: 01520 722568,
Email:Stuart MacLeod, 07831 091526
Operations Manager Neville Robbins, 07518 372392
Business Development Manager & Sales Gregor Black, 07934 491561


Woodworkz is a business engaged in acquiring timber and processing it for the use of cabinet-makers, joiners, builders and architects, at any level of expertise. We have certain operating principles that aim to complete these various aspects in an manner that does not damage the environment and offers good value for money to the buyer while being conscious of sustainability and the longer term effects of our activities.

Some 95% of timber acquired is from wind-blown situations, dangerous trees or the occasional development. It is frequently a shock to see how much of this valuable resource is wasted, reducing to firewood perfectly decent boles and limbs that could have been 'converted' into fine furniture by the eye of a crafts-person. We find that rather sad. Should anyone have a problem tree in a garden or a wind-blown old monument of a tree contact us for the opportunity to extract it so that is may be put to use, whether that is your own or for general business purposes.

tk console

Console of the Timberking Mill

In our web site, as well as other improvements, we have added an Extraction section meant to illustrate some of the "acquiring" that has gone on and some of the varying adventures we have had. Each is different. This will be greatly expanded over the next few months.

Those returning to this site will notice a greater mention of Larch and Douglas Fir since we recognise the increasing demand for structural timbers of durable nature. So, Boat-skin Larch, Larch cladding and Douglas beams are definitely on the menu! As the yard is further developed and space and situation improved there will be other joinery products offered too.

As part of our credentials for claiming environmental responsibility Woodworkz yard is recognised by the Forestry Commission as a "Processing Station" to handle Phytophthera Ramorum infected Larch. The saw dust and scrap from milling has to be disposed of correctly, principally involving heat, and this is being set up now.

The business is centred at Lochcarron, Ross-shire, which is 22miles North of Kyle of Lochalsh and 65 mile west of Inverness. The yard is easy to find as part of the small Lochcarron Industrial Estate which is East of the golf course.

Woodworkz is a member of the Association of Scottish Hardwood Saw-millers (www.ashs.co.uk) which comprises some 40 member companies selling timber and products from bases in Scotland.

Contact details are given here and the telephone system will allow us to keep close contact and return calls when operating machinery. As with most small-but-growing businesses there will always be frequent small changes to our web site, and maybe some larger ones.


The Log

A large Oak log (over 6m length), being moved by our teletruck into the yard, ready for milling.

Woodworkz is in the process of acquiring a Unimog for extracting and transporting timber and photos and descriptions will follow. We will have the ability to extract logs from places that few can reach due to the crane which is of 20t-m capacity. This will fit nicely with our ethos of avoiding waste where others would not find it economical and introduce independence in transportation also.