Tigh-na-Ault, Lochcarron, Ross-shire, IV54 8YQ
Telephone: 01520 722568,
Email:Stuart MacLeod, 07831 091526
Operations Manager Neville Robbins, 07518 372392
Business Development Manager & Sales Gregor Black, 07934 491561

Woodworkz Milling

The Timberking 2200 is not the largest mill from Timberking but we believe it is the largest Narrow Gauge band-saw mill in the UK. We have plans to upgrade the handling of larger logs by adding a second chain turner and have already installed an extraction system.

All this will improve an already capable mill. If there was demand we could also extend the bed by 3.6m (12ft) and be able to produce 10m beams.

The mill shelter is structurally completed, except for cladding, which allows us to mill in all weathers.

This mill allows production of 6.5m length boards and beams, with a maximum width of 840mm. Logs larger that 990mm require canting.

Should you have your own logs we can mill to order so the “Contract Milling” option is ticked on the ASHS web site.

All residues – the backings and sawdust – will be disposed off in an environmentally responsible manner and we are currently looking at two options. We may burn on site to produce heat for the kiln and future underfloor heating or transport to Balcas at Invergordon for their use as fuel biomass.

In producing timber we are milling to certain standard thicknesses which are frequently selected, or we can mill to order on request from the customer. This latter option requires a deposit in most cases.

Just click on the pictures below to see the mill in action

  • checking log location on mill
  • mill at work
  • mill in operation
  • mill at end of run
  • mill showing off cuts
  • off loading mill
  • off loading the timber from mill
  • operating mill
  • Preparing newly milled timber for 'sticking'



Further milling shots

  • Timberking Console
  • The first cut
  • Completed first cut showing backing
  • Rotating the log
  • Milling operation from behind the carriage
  • Finished milling ready to load
  • Loaded trailer
  • Loaded trailer
  • Loaded trailer ready for delivery