Tigh-na-Ault, Lochcarron, Ross-shire, IV54 8YQ
Telephone: 01520 722568,
Email:Stuart MacLeod, 07831 091526
Operations Manager Neville Robbins, 07518 372392
Business Development Manager & Sales Gregor Black, 07934 491561

News Page

August 2015 update.

A major project will be started this month with milling and shaping of large Douglas logs. We will report on that as it progresses.

Neville will be offering an expanded selection of timber at his turning centre, but not only turning blanks, but boards too.

Woodworkz is an FC Approved Processing Station for processing of Phytophthora Ramorum-infected timber such as European Larch. In due course all saw dust and chippings will be disposed of in the approved manner when in full production of Larch cladding. Further equipment to handle the waste will be installed this month.

Contact with new telephone.

There is a 4Com telephone system which allows greater opportunities to keep track of customers and their enquiries. It will also be easier for customers to reach the right person and for us to call back. The system also uses VOIP between IP phones and a laptop to aid keeping in contact when away from the yard or mobile coverage. Neville has also one of these and you may find calling the Lochcarron number that Neville in Invergarry answers.


Woodworkz has operated a card machine for some time but with very little take-up and an extraordinarily convoluted and ridiculous security system, (PCI DSS) which in our opinion is worthless, this will be discontinued.

Banks now charge significant sums to deal with cheques and take about a week to process. Therefore these will no longer be accepted.

The preferred method of payment is Internet Banking or BACS payments. There is significant use now of mobile payments. Cash is also accepted.

Terms & Conditions

The statement covering T&C's is under review and will be added as soon as possible.

New Kilns

The first small Sauno kiln from Logosol is targeted to be in operation end of August with an enclosure size aimed at 4m length timbers of thicker section and about 2m3 capacity.

The Woodmizer Kiln

The main kiln has not been electronically improved due to other tasks and the required communications infrastructure which is required first.

Building Plans

The first building developments will be additions to shelter and improved storage for kiln-dried timber.

There will also be improved lighting and CCTV, all controlled via a satellite link.