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Timber Extraction

Woodworkz carries out timber extractions throughout the North and West of Scotland.

We can remove wind-blow and fallen trees, and if necessary, cant logs down to reduce the individual timber weight with the Logosol Big Mill system. This process will be improved in the near future with acquisition of heavier machinery, but still being mindful of the necessity to avoid ground damage. Descriptions of this machinery will follow in due course.

At present an ex-military off-road trailer with crane is used to remove logs to hard standing for road transport.

Below are several galleries of our past timber extractions.

Gairloch Estate
  • Initial location of log (part 1)
  • Initial location of log (part 2)
  • Initial location of log (part 3)
  • This is where it fell, now secured ready to start
  • Felled log ready for machining and extraction
  • Secured log
  • Stuart cross-cutting through the log
  • Completing Cross cut
  • Driving in weges to clear chain saw blade
  • Log secured prior to working
  • Preparation of Logosol jig
  • Start of second logosol cut

  • Tullich Ash Extraction
    This is how the wood started. A fallen tree, with limited access and a lot of debris around the log to be cleared, before any milling or extraction could start.
  • Tullish Ash Extraction
    After the extraction was completed and the wood taken back to our production yard. here the timber was milled and kiln dried. This picture shows the quality of the Olive Ash .
  • Tullish Ash Extraction
    Unfortunately it is not possible to see into the wood, prior to using the chain saw. This steelwork resulted in the 36" blade on the cross-cut saw being damaged beyond repair.
  • Douglas Extraction
    Extraction of a large Douglas log fallen at Castle Leod
  • Douglas Extraction
    The underside of the Douglas root bole
  • Douglas Extraction
    The large root bole of the fallen Douglas tree can be seen to the right ofthe picture
  • Cantray Beech
    A large fallen Beech tree at Cantray
  • Beech Extraction
    The main issue here was it had fallen into a garden and the only way to get it out was to drag the pieces across a lawn which was covered by a track of heavy duty plastic boards using the RangeRover winch.
  • Beech Extraction
  • Beech Extraction
  • Logosol Bracket
    The logosol bracket fitted to the log, in preparation to on site milling of the log
  • Chainsaw Mill
    The two-man operation of the Logosol chainsaw mill