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Timber Supplies

Woodworkz is always on the look-out for available trees and to keep a stock of as much variety as possible. As the yard and handling develops this will increase therefore the aim is to have a stock control system that keeps track of what is available at any stage and quantity.

To do this we have spreadsheet lists which will increasingly be used to enable rapid assessment of what a customer wants and be able to state if a particular species/variation/size/width/thickness is available.

Species on offer:-

Oak, clean, pippy and burr. In most cases milled as quarter sawn.

Ash, light, olive and some shades in between. Quarter sawn & through-and-through

Beech, clean/pale, flamey and spalted. Quarter sawn & through-and-through

Elm & Wych Elm, clean, pippy, burr & spalted (not often). Mostly quarter sawn, some t-and-t.

Sycamore, mostly clean/pale, but occasionally colourful.

Cherry, not common, but always beautiful. Quarter sawn.

Lime, quarter sawn and through-and-through. Larger bulks for carving.

Larch, mostly thinner stock for cladding and T&G linings. Also fence posts and boards to order.

Douglas Fir, mainly structural ie, beams but some thinner stock for cladding and T&G linings. These milled to order.

Birch, will nearly always be smaller & thinner boards, possibly some posts too. Furniture, joinery and turning.

In general, timbers will be milled at standard sizes of 30, 55 & 75mm, with some at 100mm in selected species.

In all cases timber will be milled to customers specifications on application where a deposit is required.

Milling with waney edge(s) will be completed to order, although small quantities of some species will be held in suitable thicknesses. Note; it might seem counter-intuitive but waney boards involve more work and more storage space so this is better considered as a milled-to-order situation.

Note for all tree-owners:- if you have a problem-tree, wind-blown or for some reason a tree is on the ground please contact us first and not consider firewood. In virtually all cases it will be worth salvaging for use, not burning.

The extraction of large trees is a regular occurrence and this will be become easier in the future. We aim to make use of the mill to maximum capacity.