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Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)

May 2017:

Our Dry Store needs to be re-designed so that different woods can be kept separate and the longer boards can be stored safely in a vertical orientation - which will make inspection of the boards easier.

Once work is completed it will enable us to standardise the sizes and display of boards, improve quality control and allow us to appearance grade the boards.

In the interim please contact us on info@woodworkz.co.uk for further information and to discuss how we can fulfill your requirements.

Douglas Fir: Species Information

The common name honors David Douglas, a Scottish botanist and collector who first reported the extraordinary nature and potential of the species. The common name is misleading since it is not a true fir, i.e., not a member of the genus Abies. For this reason the name is often written as Douglas-fir.

Douglas Fir is one of the world's best timber producers and yields more timber than any other tree in North America. The wood is used for dimensional timbers, pilings, and plywood. Creosote treated pilings and decking are used in marine structures. The wood is also made into mine timbers, house logs, posts and poles, fencing, flooring, pulp, and furniture. Douglas Fir is used extensively in landscaping. It is planted as a specimen tree or in mass screenings. It is also a popular Christmas tree.

The tallest tree in the United Kingdom is a coast Douglas Fir. The tree, growing in Reelig Glen by Inverness is called Dughall Mor and stands at 64 metres (210 ft). It was measured in 2005 by Tony Kirkham and Jon Hammerton from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, the late Jim Paterson from The Tree Register and David Jardine of the Forestry Commission.

Our Douglas Fir logs are all locally sourced and are milled to order.

The weight of Douglas Fir is about 510kg/m3.

If necessary we can mill up to 6.5m lengths so large beams can be produced. Cruck frames can be made to dimensions up to 300mm thick. Please contact us for competitive quotations.

P.S. We do not supply Christmas trees...