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Highland hardwoods and softwoods suppliers

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  • Wind Blown Timber
    The wind can reduce a majestic tree, to a pile of fire wood, unless you call Woodworkz. We can extract the logs, mill, and kiln dry the timber, so that it can become a wonderful piece of furniture or a work of art.
  • Oak end grain
    All our wood is sourced from the local area. Since we are located on the west coast, most of the local Highland estates call us when they have a problem tree or a tree that has been up-rooted by a storm.
  • Log being milled
    We mill them using a our Timberking 2200. The timber is then air dried for sometime before we kiln dry it to about 9%. All boards are then catergorised and stored in our de-humidified Dry Store ready for sale.
  • Kitchen Table
    We have our own comprehensive workshop and regularily produce furniture for our own purposes. We can offer advice on timber species and assistance in choosing the correct pieces for your work.


Specialist suppliers of:

Air dried and kiln dried Scottish hardwoods.

Boatskin Larch.

Construction grade softwoods.

Bespoke building timbers including Beams (up to 6.5m), Lintels and Cruck Frames.

Woodturning blanks.

Woodworkz Ethos

Most of our wood is from wind-blown situations, dangerous tress or roadworks.

As original woodworkers we seek usable timber for our craft in the most efficient way possible. There are many statements made these days that make claims about sustainability and efficiency, carbon footprints and environmental impact. However, we seek to live and operate by these principles while producing timber from the area in which we live. That area is extensive so mileage is greater, a factor that can’t be avoided. It is still better to buy timber within the North of Scotland than import it from further afield.

Much is reported about afforestation around the world but the UK as a whole has an unenviable record in wasting a natural resource and this starts from the ordinary person in the street (or garden?) who considers he/she wants greater light in and cuts ‘some old Oak’ down that was otherwise a nuisance. The short term attitude to trees is appalling in the UK today and most ‘local’ hardwoods that are cut down goes to waste as firewood, if anything at all. People will always want timber for diverse purposes so we should be as frugal as possible in using what we have available. Help us do that.

Woodworkz is a member of SWW (Scottish Working Woods) and ASHS (Association of Scottish Hardwood Sawmillers).