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European Larch (Larix decidua or Larix europaea)

inverewe extraction inverewe extraction

We have now received over 30 tonnes of very high quality larch from the Inverewe Garden site with more to come.

There are many orders coming in for boatskin or C24 construction grade timber. Please note that as a standard we mill 18mm thickness boards for the boatskin. If you require thinner boards (ie 15mm) the cost of the timber per cube will have to be increased due to the longer time taken during the milling operation. Contact Stuart or Neville for a quote on your requirements.

Larix decidua is a medium-size to large deciduous conifer tree reaching 25–45 m tall, with a trunk up to 1 m diameter (exceptionally, to 55 m tall and 2 m diameter). The crown is conic when young, becoming broad with age; the main branches are level to upswept, with the side branches often pendulous. The shoots are dimorphic, with growth divided into long shoots (typically 10–50 cm long) and bearing several buds, and short shoots only 1–2 mm long with only a single bud. The leaves are needle-like, light green, 2–4 cm long which turn bright yellow before they fall in the autumn, leaving the pale yellow-buff shoots bare until the next spring.

The wood is tough and durable, but also flexible in thin strips, and is particularly valued for yacht building; wood used for this must be free of knots, and can only be obtained from old trees that were pruned when young to remove side branches. Also we can supplyhigh quality caldding which is relatively knott free.

Small larch poles are widely used for rustic fencing.

The weight of larch is approximately 590kg.m3

Woodworkz has been granted a license to machine larch infected with Phytophthora Ramorum. The wood is perefctly usable as the infections is within the backings (bark).

We can mill timber to order for beams, cladding, fencing etc. However we do specialise in boatskin larch. During the milling of a larch log, the timber is continually inspected for boatskin quality and then set aside; to supply the many traditional boatbuilders in the Scotlish Highlands and Islands.