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Oak (Quercus petraea) Board Stock

May 2017:

Our Dry Store needs to be re-designed so that different woods can be kept separate and the longer boards can be stored safely in a vertical orientation - which will make inspection of the boards easier.

Once work is completed it will enable us to standardise the sizes and display of boards, improve quality control and allow us to appearance grade the boards.

In the interim please contact us on info@woodworkz.co.uk for further information and to discuss how we can fulfill your requirements.

Oak: Species Information

European oak heartwood is light tan to biscuit colour. The timber is usually straight grained, but can be irregular or cross-grained depending on the growth conditions. Weight varies from 720 kg/m3 and 670 kg/m3.

Oak will blue stain in contact with iron compounds. However, the timber has very good steam bending properties. It dries slowly and it is liable to split, check and honeycomb. The timber needs care when air-drying or kiln drying. There is medium - low movement in service.

There is a significant blunting effect on tools, and a reduced cutting angle is recommended. The wood takes, wax, varnish and fume treatments well. The heartwood is very durable and extremely resistant to preservative treatments. The sapwood is permeable. The timbers acidic nature will affect metals in direct contact and cause corrosion. Oaks strength and durability lends the timber to a variety of uses including joinery, furniture and cabinet making, boat building, cooperage for wine and beer as well as flooring and vehicle body bearers.