Tigh-na-Ault, Lochcarron, Ross-shire, IV54 8YQ
Telephone: 01520 722568, mobiles: 07825 986513



Timber Production

The 'Unimog' with its 20 tm Hiab crane, complete off-road capability, 6.8 tonne winch on the front and pick-up hitch on the rear, can complete very large log extraction from awkward situations.

mog flowerdale
A large elm log with burring, being loaded on the trailer for transporting back to Lochcarron.

With the logs in our yard, they can be stored, or put directly on the mill. Where logs upto 830mm wide and 735mm high can be milled and a length of 6.5 metes can easily be handled.

douglas being milled
Douglas Log on the mill
spaulted beech on mill
Spaulted Beech being milled

Then there is the final process of our operation, the air and kiln drying process. It is much more economical for timber to be stored for some time in our air drying sheds or in our external stacking areas. The timber here can have it's moisture content reduced to around 20-25% prior to being dried in our kilns. At present there are two kilns, a WoodMiziser (which can hold 5.1m lengths and around 5m3) and a smaller Sauno kiln (2m lengths and around 0.5m3). Both are electronically operated, but operate through different methods.

kiln trolley
The kiln trolley being loaded ready for drying.