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WWZ Gallery


Turning a larch log into boards.

How we like to see things - loaded on the mill, milled, and onto the trailer for delivery.

  • The Log on the mill
  • The first cut
  • The end of the first cut
  • The log rotated
  • Cutting thro and thro
  • Leviatation?
  • Ready to leave




  • Possible extraction for August
  • Flowerdale elm arriving at our yard
  • Preparing to unload
  • Ready to lift
  • Up she goes
  • Slowly bringing it round (and this was the off-cut!!)
  • That's it Robbie steady it up
  • Now that is a big one!!!
  • On the hill at Artafalie - half the tree already gone to the top
  • Next section down ready to be winched out
  • Elm Burr for wood-turning, anyone?
Deliveries to our yard and extractions for June 2016